Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aquaponic Lettuce in the House

It was nice to wake up to my very much alive lettuce that Mike Dreschler gave me after the Aquaponics workshop held last night in Pukalani thanks to Maui's UpCountry Sustainability group. I'm inspired to have more living food around the house.

Every month, the Maui Farmers Union United has a segment that has been really well received and called the "Chef's Corner."

A local Chef is invited from one of Maui's restaurants, or in this case an independent Chef. The guest Chef will provide the membership with tips, recipes, cooking or food demonstrations, great education and just plenty of fun.
The July meeting has the pleasure of Raw Vegan food advocate Chef Ali Kat,, do her presentation on a fruit and veggie smoothy.

Enjoy and please leave comments or suggestions and any Chefs that might want to do a presentation or that you would like to see present, leave that info too, Mahalo!

Monday, July 25, 2011

An interesting passage from Newman Turner

"In modern farming, both crop production and livestock feeding, we have been concerned with the provision of prepared nutrients imported to the farm, instead of making full use of the complete provisions of nature. The result is that we have burdened farming with the colossal cost of chemical fertilizers, sprays, insecticides, vaccines and medicines, while nature quietly continues to beat us, in the matter of both abundant production and healthy crops and animals, at no cost.

The earth is the permanent possessor of all things contained therein and which grow therefrom; they are loaned to the human and animal kingdom for bodily sustenance for the duration of life, but nature decreed that they shall, after use, be returned to the earth. No plant, animal or human being can claim the right of destruction, or of permanent possession, of any of the ingredients of its food or physical body. They must return to the earth to sustain new life and to ensure the continuation of the universe when life, for us, is ended. We are but the tenants of life, having on loan the physical from the earth and the spiritual from God. What happens to our spiritual being and its inspiration remains to be discovered after we lay down the physical life. But our duties regarding the physical body and its means of natural sustenance are clear to all. It must be returned, together with all organic matter derived from the earth, back to the earth.

Problems of so-called soil deficiencies-certainly as far as the main elements are concerned-have only arisen with the increasing failure to acknowledge and act upon this law.

---------------Excerpt taken from Newman Turner's book titled Fertility Farming.

Maui Farmers Union United July Meeting
Tavares Center Pool Room July 26th, Tuesday night doors open 5:45pm
{LocaVore Potluck and Produce Swap} Share the Maui Abundance of what you prepare and grow!!!
Meeting Agenda
6:30pm-7:00pm- LocaVore Potluck we have such great meals be creative and
add to the abundance "Its all about growing, sharing and eating
the food"
7:00pm-7:10pm- Evening Agenda-Vincent Mina-
7:10pm-7:20pm- Chefs Corner-Chef (Raw Treats)
7:20pm-7:30pm- Produce Scoop-Ryan Eareheart Mana Foods
7:30pm-7:40pm- Astronomy in Agriculture- HarrietteWitt-
7:40pm-8:00pm- Meet Maui Board Members and what their interest is being
involved in MFUU-Maui Farmers Union United.
{Melissa Ebeling,Jennifer Chirico, Evan Ryan, Greg Hopkins}
8:00pm-8:10pm- State of the State HFU-WayneAxelson{HFUU}
8:10pm-8:40pm- Member Breakout Groups- Legislation, Education
and Cooperation.
9pm Meeting Pau
"Remember its all about our communities food"
Bring your home grown farm produce, seeds or plant starts to share and swap with others.
Having missed the June meeting of the Maui Farmers Union United I am going to make this post just to hold a place on the blog in case I can post more on it later.