Saturday, February 18, 2012

Maui Farmer's Union United Monthly Event
Aloha all,

WOW, this meeting will be rockin' it to stimulate, empower, inspire, and educate our community in holistic systems of being well with Aloha for the land. And our HFUU State Board will be present! Way to Grow Maui....
see ya there, Vince

Tavares Center Pool Room -Pukalani
Tuesday Feb 28th 6-9pm
doors open at 5:45pm
Dinner 6:30 pm, meeting begins at 7pm sharp!
LocaVore Potluck: Come and share the Maui abundance of what you prepare and grow!!!
Bring a dish OR Dinner is $5 for Members, $10 for Non Members.
SIgn up as a member and dinner is on us!

Food Contest: The theme is: "Winter Savory"
Enter your dish to win prizes (Bring your entry by 5:45 Judging at 6pm)
Prizes for 1st,2nd & 3rd place.

Fabulous Meeting planned! All your usual favorites
plus the HFUU Board members will be present! see full schedule below.

6:30pm-7:00pm- LocaVore Potluck ~ Great meals! Be creative and add to
the abundance, it's your the event!!!

Evening Announcements ~ Vincent Mina
7:00pm-7:10pm Chefs Corner ~ Chef Justin Pardo from Market Fresh Bistro
Pickling Vegatables
7:10pm-7:20pm Produce Scoop ~ Ryan Eareheart from Mana Foods- shares about
Sugarcane Benefits and Uses
Farmers Almanac ~ Harriette Witt
Kapua Sproat, UH Law School Professor & Issac Moriwake of Earthjustice "Protecting the public trust doctrine and water law in Hawaii."
Legislative Update ~ Bill Greenleaf
Introductions of the HFUU State Board

Evan Ryan ~ Soil Building 101
8:45pm- 9pm
Seth Raabe ~ Demonstration on making Fermented
Plant Grow Juice
Meeting Pau

Produce Swap:
Bring your home grown farm produce, seeds or plant starts to share and swap with others. Place it on the table in the back when you arrive.

Mahalo! to all of our sponsors: Hawaiian Moons, Down to Earth, Mana Foods, Whole Foods, Marmac Ace, Greenleaf Farm, Maui Biochar, Susan Teton, Lehuahana Vander Velde, Evan Ryan and Maui Aloha Association.
"Its all about growing, sharing and being nourished by our food"

Note: We aim to have a "trash free" event and encourage folks to bring their own bowl and utensils. And, if you like, a comfortable chair. It was standing room only last month!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The National Farmers Union came out to help the farmers decades ago. The Hawaii Farmers Union United has come along and become such an exciting alternative to past programs and groups. The Hawaii Farmers Union United is at this very moment working with it's members to prevent bills that endanger the small farmers in the name of food safety. Large corporate interests are influencing the government by slipping through bills and making laws that come under the guise of food safety and yet are just a cover for creating a world where the small farmer is an outlaw and the public is expected to support the large corporations.

Look at the food and produce you get from a small farmer, it looks like food always has. Look at processed foods and how they barely resemble what food is. Look at the ingredients and you may not recognize the ingredients on the packages of foods the 99% is expected to consume.

Sickness, obesity have become the norm. High health cost, high prices and low income and it's like we are back in the 1930's and 40's.

I would recommend you sit down with some popcorn (non GMO) and watch this movie.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Makai Inn and their Aquaponics

It was a wet and wild day today and instead of staying indoors, I went for a ride to Lahaina and visited The Makai Inn and their aquaponics system. I found them online this past summer in my search for information on building an aquaponics system. Six months later, with my systems producing food, I got to see theirs. I didn't shoot any video or take pictures today, how unlike me, but here is some video from their youtube site that was taken last July, 2011. The plants have grown and changed some.