Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aquaponics in every home

A year ago, I jumped into aquaponics after being given a lettuce plant that was grown in an aquaponics system.
Aquaponic Lettuce

Not knowing much about aquaponics, I even mistakenly had this picture saved under hydroponics.
For those that don't know the difference. aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (raising plants in water without soil).

My lettuce became a center piece arrangement in my kitchen. Each day, I looked at that lettuce, I was spurred on to the internet and began researching aquaponics.
The Lettuce in it's new Aquaponics home
 Without dragging this post out too far. My lettuce gift, turned into a year long adventure into aquaponics that has taken me to the point of having multiple types of system spread between my home and a friends home. A lot of the knowledge, like many others in aquaponics, was learned through trial and error. From information read about or seen, mostly on the internet.

A new home for my First and Second Aquaponics Systems

First Aquaponics with Plants
 Eventually, I came across what many would think of a must have book for this type of aquaponics systems. It was the Aquaponics Gardening book by  Sylvia Bernstein.
Get a copy today!

Second Aquaponics System Startup
With a copy of Aquaponics Gardening always handy, I continued working on my systems and began joining a number of forums online. There are about 5 or 6 forums spread around from Australia to the US that are quite popular.
Sylvia Bernstein created the Aquaponics Community Forum, which I joined and this led to becoming a member of the Aquaponics Association.
Second Aquaponics System with Plants and Fish
First Aquaponics System Planted

The Aquaponics Source has just announced the addition of Aquaponics Gardening Course.
This online course is based on Sylvia Bernstein`s popular Aquaponic Gardening: A Step by Step Guide to Growing Fish and Vegetables Together.
The online course is discounted through August 2012 and there is a special package that combines the online course, with a free copy of the book. Find it here.
First Aquaponics System Fish Tank View

Greenhouse View of First and Second Aquaponics System

Second Aquaponics System Flourishes

I think many people are attracted to building aquaponics systems for various reasons and it would be great to see them in most yards and even inside homes. Building them from scratch and learning all the ins and outs is fun and almost an addicting part, but I would suggest that anyone even considering it, might want to get Sylvia`s book and even online course to really know what is involved. It can save a lot of time, money and uncertainty in the long run.

New Aquaponics System idea takes shape
I would also suggest that people become a member of a forum. There are a number of them out there. The aquaponics source community forum has over 7000 members at this point and growing, so it's a pretty good one to start with.
My Rack Mount Aquaponics in the Drive way
The Old Jacuzzi becomes a Fish Tank and the latest Aquaponics System

Whether your new to aquaponics or have been into it for awhile, joining the Aquaponics Association would also be a great move. Beyond being a member and it's benefits, I believe that as the world looks for solutions to food and environmental issues, aquaponics is standing out more and more. By being a member of an association for Aquaponics, it gives a much needed voice to the people doing it and tells the politicians, governments, financial and business communities, that aquaponics is a serious way to produce food and here to stay.

Don't have the space outside or just want to enjoy seeing your aquaponics system. Here is the designer AquaBundance system that would compliment any home.
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