Monday, August 20, 2012

Maui Farmers Union United August 2012 Meeting


Maui Farmers Union United Aug 28, 2012 Meeting Haiku Community Center Tuesday night doors open 5:30pm Dinner opening circle 6:00 pm sharp

HAIKU ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GARDEN TOUR AND PRESENTATION 5PM TO 6PM We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the Maui School Garden Network and Community Work Day program in our outreach to the greater Maui community. We will be meeting at the Haiku school garden, Mala O Ha'iku, promptly at 5:00 pm. ( The garden is behind the school on the Haiku Community Center side of the school and should be approached from the Haiku Community Center rather than from the front of the school itself.) Rebekah Kuby of the Community Work Day program, Robin Imonti, a Haiku El parent volunteer who started the garden herself, and Jenna Tallman, the current school garden coordinator, will give an overview of the school garden program at Haiku El. Following this will be the dedication of the Kahalu'u Avocado tree that has been planted. Mahalo to Jayanti Nand for grafting and donating the tree to MFUU and Jerry Isdale for making the plaque with all of the participants' names who made this happen for na keiki. Finally, Jenna Tallman will be give us a demonstration on how to brew Bokashi to speed up the composting process while Vincent Mina will demonstrate the making of Fermented Plant Juice. Two very beneficial and easy fermentations that can be used in composting and feeding plants organically.

When the garden tour is finished at 6:00 pm, the group will proceed back to the HCC building for our locavore potluck dinner and rest of the evening MFUU program. (Food will be received from 4:45pm at HCC for those attending the garden tour and demonstrations.)

Meeting Agenda: Haiku Community Center

6:00pm-6:50pm- Locavore Potluck The food table has been looking so good lets keep it growing.... its becoming evident that those who bring food are doing it in the spirit of abundance and the celebration of food.......Way to grow our gatherings Maui!

6:45pm-7:00pm Announcements Vincent Mina President
7:00pm-7:15pm-Chefs Corner-John Cadman Kale Ocean Salad 7:15pm-7:30pm-Produce Scoops-Ryan Eareheart Mana Foods 7:30pm-7:40pm Harriet Witt- Cycles of Light and Life
7:40pm-8:10pm Jayanti Nand Tree Air Layering Demonstration 8:10pm-8:30pm-Update-Annual Meeting Oct 24th Bill,Evan,Vincent

Locavore Potluck & Produce Swap Bring your favorite dish to share

"Its all about celebrating the growing, sharing, being inspired and nourished by our food and community."

A Waste Free Event: Bring a vessel and utensils for dinner or purchase our recyclable ones at a nominal cost.

PRODUCE SWAP: Make it abundant Maui its your event... Bring your home grown farm produce, seeds or plant starts to share and swap with others.

Maui Farmers Union United