Monday, January 28, 2013

Totally Sealed Eco-System Decades Old

I wish I had the patience that this gentleman has to wait out the results of a sealed bottle plant environment, but maybe I could get a few years in.
I would be curious of actual measurements within and without the environment. One such measurement would just be the temperature variation. I'm sure it had to be a bit of a swing given his location and movement into sunlight at various angles to provide a more uniform dispersion of light.
So sensors sealed in the bottle to provide readings of all sorts could provide valuable data, or just keep some data analyst busy for decades.

Considering so much of what plants do is opposite of what animals & people do in processing air, water and food, combining the two is very interesting to me, especially in our DIY/Maker era with the abilities to use a free app on a smart phone to do so much of it.
I presently can measure noise levels in db, generate a variety of audio tones,  and even modulate them with other tones and wave forms,

The article page.

The sealed bottle garden still thriving after 40 years without fresh air or water | Mail Online

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Doug Fine Journalist to Speak at UH-Maui College 5-7pm January 28, 2013

Doug Fine has covered many stories, but his coverage on the Marijuana growers in Mendocino County is very interesting, especially in light of the recent talk by Mike Bowman, an industrial hemp farmer that spoke at the January Maui Farmers Union United meeting in Haiku.
Doug's latest book.

Here is a short video clip on Doug Fine which can be found on his website's home page at

Watch "TOO HIGH TO FAIL - Doug Fine" on YouTube

Doug Fine now travels around the world speaking about his sustainability realizations and his Drug Peace research, and is a regular contributor of adventure and investigative features to National Public Radio and many other venues. Despite all the accolades, he still milks his goats one teat at a time like all former suburbanite, neo-Rugged Individualist Organic Cowboys.

Sponsored by the University of Hawaii Maui College Sustainable Institute of Maui (SLIM)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Magic Maui Farms: Mike Bowman Talks to Maui Farmers about raising Industrial Hemp

Magic Maui Farms: Mike Bowman Talks to Maui Farmers about raising Industrial Hemp

Mike Bowman Talks to Maui Farmers about raising Industrial Hemp

Mike Bowman explains very openly his plans to farm 500 acres of industrial hemp in Colorado at the Maui Farmers Union United meeting on a special trip to spread the word on Maui in Hawaii. He and his family put their economic life on the line in hopes that Colorado will fully back them up.
Hundreds of millions of dollars can be made and saved with raising a product the world once used extensively.
Mike is hoping to gather 100,000 signatures on his proposal, so keep an eye out for it.
Rockafellow and DuPont are no longer around to profit from keeping industrial hemp illegal, so now is the time to bring it on.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Searching for plants that are edible, like shade and lots of water for Aquaponics

My greenhouse for my aquaponics is needed due to the extreme sun most of the time and heavy winds. I would like some plants that can live in a 75% light due to the shadehouse and enjoy having plenty of water. Hopefully pretty resistant to aphids and such. Non GMO.
If anyone has some starts to add to the produce swap at the next Maui Farmers Union United, I would appreciate it. Jim (audio video guy)
Also interested in tree collards. I understand the best ones are taken from the tree, they don't grow from seeds easily.
As seen in my picture, taro and surprisingly tomato are doing okay in the lower light.
Mahalo and hope to see you at the Haiku Community Center Meeting,
Go to for meeting info and agenda.