Saturday, January 19, 2013

Searching for plants that are edible, like shade and lots of water for Aquaponics

My greenhouse for my aquaponics is needed due to the extreme sun most of the time and heavy winds. I would like some plants that can live in a 75% light due to the shadehouse and enjoy having plenty of water. Hopefully pretty resistant to aphids and such. Non GMO.
If anyone has some starts to add to the produce swap at the next Maui Farmers Union United, I would appreciate it. Jim (audio video guy)
Also interested in tree collards. I understand the best ones are taken from the tree, they don't grow from seeds easily.
As seen in my picture, taro and surprisingly tomato are doing okay in the lower light.
Mahalo and hope to see you at the Haiku Community Center Meeting,
Go to for meeting info and agenda.