Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's All About The Water Somedays

One day of being surrounded by visions of water and light.

From the ocean to the clear skies of a January Morning on Maui. The beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. To see the subject or the whole picture is a choice we make each and every moment.

Just watering the garden and the mist from a leaking hose can provide visions beyond my own imagination.

The amazing magnification of life on a microscopic scale.

Looking closely will reveal the image of the West Maui Mountains. Reaching five thousand feet into the sky and tens of miles wide, a few miles from a water droplet, and yet it's image can be seen almost fully within this droplet that itself is less than an eighth of on inch wide.

Keeping our eyes and minds open to allow the light to ferry the sight to our hearts and soul through being in the present.


An Appreciation for Soil

An often over-looked and under appreciated commodity is soil.  We think that anything under our feet is dirt or soil. How ignorant we can all be about the basics things in life.  I never thought much about the difference between dirt and soil, but now that I live in Kahului's predominately sand "soils", I find that the precious few spots that I actually either have real living soil that consists of organic matter and various forms of life, and the soil that I have had to grow,  there is a big difference.

The difference shows up big time when the plants go in. Some handle the sand, but being devoid of life and the inability to hold water is what sets sand and real soil apart.

Things like grapes, I never thought of growing in a place like Kahului and yet they do and give off fruit. Plants are amazing life forms.