Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ken Love of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers on Adding Value and Profit to Your Farm Operation

On August 2, 2011 California FARMLINK put on a tour and workshop called "Adding Value and Profit to Your Farm Operation." Held on the island of Maui, the group visited Alii Kula Lavendar, Watanabe Vegetable Processing and finished up at the Market Fresh Bistro for presentations and delicious locally farmed produce.

Ken Love of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers came over from the island of Hawaii and gave a presentation. He had some fantastic information to provide. I would highly recommend sitting back and watching all 2 videos, about 50 minutes worth. Anyone farming, thinking about farming or don't even know they are thinking about it, will want this info.

Ken Love Part 1
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Ken Love Part 2
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Ken Love Part 3
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