Saturday, November 17, 2012

No Tractor Needed Farming

Getting ready to clear some roots from my siphon pipes, my okra gets out of hand. Leeks are doing pretty good, maybe it's their roots. Suspecting roots because the siphon isn't kicking in as often, which in the past has usually meant that the roots had grown from the grow bed, down through the siphon.

Looking at making a space to move my celery (in bucket) from it's last place among the taro plants in the flow bed of my jacuzzi aquaponics system. 

My grandson's old electric John Deere tractor had me reflecting on how many farm type tools and equipment aren't needed with aquaponics.

Check out my earlier post for the Christmas specials going on. The Online Aquaponics Gardening Course and Sylvia Bernstein's Aquaponic Gardening book. Some think of it like the bible for aquaponics.