Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maui Farmers Union United September Meeting

Maui Farmers Union United Meeting (Advocating for the rights of our small farmers)
Tavares Center Pool Room Sept. 27th
Tuesday nite doors open 6:00pm
Dinner 6:30 pm

Our State President and NFU facilitator will be present.

The Maui Farmers Union United meetings are a LocaVore Potluck & Produce Swap
Share the Maui Abundance of what you prepare and grow!!!
Sign up for membership and get a free meal* tonight!
$15-Individual Non Voting Member
$30- Individual Voting Member
$75- Ohana Membership up to 4 Voting Members 
*Normally there is a $10 charge for non members and $5 for members if unable to bring food and want to eat. It's potluck, so bring a dish to the meetings and you eat like royalty for free. Where else can you get a huge variety of locally grown and produced foods, prepared with the love and passion that Maui's farmer's, gardeners and people put into these meals. It's all about the food, so while you can pay, sharing your food with neighbors is always so much better. 
Please bring a locavore dish exhibiting to our mainland guest on how we value our locally grown food.

Helping the Maui Farmers Union United through their generous and consistent giving back to Maui are the following merchants and people. Support them when ever you can. 
Support the Maui Farmers Union United tonight and you may go home with some of the following goodies: 
Gift cards from DTE & Hawaiian Moons
Basket of local produce. Mana Foods, Whole Foods!
Basket of produce from Greenleaf Farm Marta & Bill
Feather Meal- Crop Production Service
Bio Char- Maui Bio Char
Large Jackfruit- Whispering Winds Bamboo

This is a trash free event please bring your own eating and drinking vessels.

Meeting Agenda
6:30pm-7:00pm- LocaVore Potluck Great meals!!! Be creative and
add to the abundance,your the event!!!
"Its all about growing, sharing and being nourished by our food"

6:45pm-7:00pm Evening Agenda-Vincent Mina - www.MauiGrown.com
7:00pm-7:10pm Chefs Corner-Chef Jason Skandunas - Maui MacroBiotics-(Jan. 2011 article on MauiTime)
7:10pm-7:20pm Produce Scoop-Ryan Eareheart - Mana Foods
7:20pm-7:30pm Astronomy in Agriculture- HarrietteWitt -
7:30pm-7:45pm Education- Jenna Tallman - Making Bokashi
7:45pm-8:00pm State of the State HFU - State Board of Directors
Report on our Strategic Planning session on Kauai
8:00pm-8:10pm MFU Website- Lehua VanderVelde
8:10pm-8:40pm Member Breakout Groups - Legislation, Education
and Cooperation.
8:40-9pm Meeting Pau

Bring your home grown farm produce, seeds or plant starts to share and swap with others.
"Remember its all about celebrating our communities food"