Saturday, September 17, 2011

Water, Cool Clear Water.

I was reminded of the song from a commercial or Disney show or something that the words were "Water, cool clean water". With a meeting that the DLNR is holding tomorrow to take input on a company that wants to take water from wells on it's Wailea property and ship some to Japan or at least off Maui, I tend to wonder why Maui doesn't ever seem to have a plan that is comprehensive and looks at all the angles.
Issues about having water for Mauians is one thing, but the issues extend into the depletion of the aquifer and the infiltration of the brackish salt water. This process could destroy a system that has taken lifetimes to achieve in nature.
In addition, we have only a few wetlands left that are part of the natural water filtration systems that make water available to Maui.
Granted not all of them are as obvious as the rain forest, but marshlands like Kealia Pond, Waihee, the areas behind Longs in Kihei, Olomalu, what was once Lahaina and Kanaha pond are examples that have been disturbed, destroyed and have further plans under way to alter.
The Kanaha Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area under the national wildlife protection. For some reason a medical building seem to be a good choice to build in an industrial tsunami zone that would require the removal and disturbing of the Kanaha Wetlands, but they plan to put work into the Waihee wetlands to make up for it.
That doesn't seem right to take one away for any reason.

I spent time documenting the water run-off canals from their beginning in the Kahului industrial park, all the way to the edge of Kanaha Pond and on into the ocean.
Combinations of various tilapia, mosquito fish and a lot of snails abound. Today I even caught a foot long algae eater that obviously was released from someones aquarium.

If nothing else, I will have dozens of pictures before it changes to an after.

The are many good movies with dire warnings out and all good movies that should be watched. I thought this old 1953 movie on water was pretty interesting and between the music and the narration it was classic. It's a bout 10 minutes long and easy watching. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Mahalo.