Friday, April 12, 2013

As We Walk In The Darkness and Wonder Why We Cannot See

This post I started awhile ago in preparing for the 11th 2013 Maui Body and Soil Farm-Health Conference. Each year for the past 4 years of the 10 Maui Body and Soil Conferences I have helped Maui Aloha Aina Association, Vince and Irene Mina, Steve Wilson put on and met, listened and learned from such notable presenters like Jerry Brunetti, a self healed cancer victim, I have wondered why the emphasis continues to be around fixing our bodies with medicines, machines and some pretty wild science, all the while, ignoring the simple idea of growing and eating good food grown in good healthy conditions, such as healthy micro-biologically active soils and now Aquaponics.

So when the money runs out, the clinics can't keep up, science has no answers, drugs and treatments are financially beyond the vast majority of unhealthy people, we see the panic and fear that so many people have when they see not only the quality of life disappear, their financial futures gone and death staring them or loved ones in the face, we either remain in the darkness with our eyes closed or make the simple choice to grow and eat healthier foods as early in our life as we can.

So don't wonder why we can't see the answers, come out of the darkness, open our eyes and be the answers.