Friday, April 5, 2013

Maui Cooking

I just love using slow cookers. Prep my stuff and get on with my day. Add  ingredients as it's time and by the end of the day it's dinner.
Going to each months Maui Farmers Union United really helps me to realize how so many foods I normally wouldn't eat can be so tasty. It inspires me to try new things in my cooking.
This started out with a piece of pork, yes I eat meat, that was marinated in my usual dis & dat marinade. I have assortments of vinegars and oils I keep on hand. This one had a spicy vinegar with a sweet vinegar and a dash of rice vinegar.
With that I added a Maui Chili lime oil made in Haiku & sold in Makawao. Some peanut & sesame oil, Braggs and let soak a day.
Then cooked it in some chicken stock, normally I would have used Beef Bone Broth.
After a few hours on high in the slow cooker, I added white and red onion, potatoes, purple cauliflower and cooked another hour. By now the meats falling apart and I had eggplant from my neighbor. I had skinned it and let it soak with some salt in water for about a half hour. Rinsed it and let it cook for one more hour.
In the meantime, I cooked brown, Jasmine and Forbidden Rice together. It was good, but second day even better. Added some flax seed crackers to thicken it and I just like them and that was dinner again. Sometime some unsalted sunflower seeds go in.
Variations could have been okra, green onion, celery or taro leaf from my Aquaponics. It all works and I don't add salt or much else. The flavors work themselves out. Every pot seems like a new and different dish.