Sunday, May 12, 2013

Be there for Bee Health

An email from Danielle Downey on a meeting at the college about Bee Health and The Hawaii Apiary Program.
Being based in Halo, it's a great chance for Maui people to talk story and hear her Manao.

"Aloha Honey Bee friends!
The Hawaii Apiary Program is hosting expert collaborators to improve honey bee health in Hawaii. Please join us to hear about this work, there will be a public presentation this Tuesday at Maui Community College, 5pm in Ka Lama 103.

Hawaii Apiary Specialist Danielle Downey will describe Hawaii Department of Agriculture's project with resistant stock, and introduce collaborating researcher Dr. Bob Danka, whose work has produced Varroa resistant stock, including the stock being evaluated in Hawaii. Dr. Danka is a Research Entomologist at the USDA-ARS Research Lab in Baton Rouge, he has studied Africanized Bees, honey bee pollination factors, and breeding bees with better pest and disease resistance, working with the industry to transfer this technology to beekeepers. 
Tom and Suki Glenn, of Glenn Apiaries, are also cooperators in this project with Hawaii Department of Agriculture and will be present for discussion. 

Read more about the work of Dr. Bob Danka:

Read more about the work of Glenn Apiaries:

Read more about the VSH bee, which is being evaluated and maintained to help Hawaii's beekeeping industry:

We hope you can join us, and please help spread the word. 
Danielle Downey

Danielle Downey
Apiculture Specialist
Hawaii Department of Agriculture/
UH Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit
16 E. Lanikaula St.
Hilo, HI  96720
808 936 5483"