Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Listen to the Na'au. The Brain is just there to distract you.

Our Lima (Hands) use it, the Maka (Eyes) often relies on it, the Ihu (nose) is influenced by it, the Pepeiao (Ears) too often believe it, the Waha (Mouth) becomes to Nui (Big) and repeats what it saying and the Opu (stomach), well it often listens to it more than it should.

Our Brain can seem to be the center that all parts of us listen to. Yet it is the Na'au (Mind/Heart) that really speaks the truth.

When we listen only to our Brains. When we believe we have control. When we believe how our Brain interprets our senses, we are in many cases ignoring our Na'au.

If the feeling you get in the center of your gut is uneasy when your Brain is calling the shots, chances are it is not in our best interest.

When the Na'au is calm and feels peaceful while the Brain is working out the details, then is when we are on the right track.

Listening to the Na'au is not easy today, the information we are bombarded with, the advice of others, the cries from everyone that wants us to save them, when they should be listening to their own Na'au are too often used by our Brains to lead us down the wrong path or to satisfy our egos, which are just extensions of our Brains.

So listen to your Na'au when the questions and situations of life come calling.